The Fancy-Clock Project

MakersLab and Advanced Machinery ( is proud to present its next DIY Project, The Fancy-Clock. The idea is inspired by internet resources and was conceptualized, designed and machined by MakersLab and Advanced Machinery.

Screenshot from ArtCAM

The concept behind the build is to take an ordinary plastic wall clock and turn it into something special. All it took was a little bit of design work, using Delcam’s ArtCAM relief software and a CNC Wood Router by Advanced Machinery to transform an inexpensive wall clock into a functional piece of art.

3D PDF Download Link of the project

Once The Fancy-Clock has been machined and treated to the Makers liking (e.g. varnish, wood stain etc), the components from a plastic wall clock can then be removed and transferred and attached to the back base of The Fancy-Clock work-piece to complete the project.

All the relevant CAD and CAM elements are being released freely by MakersLab, this includes all images from during the build, all construction details, material requirements, assembly instructions as well as the Model Design Files and the Toolpaths to run the Wood Routers to machine the project.

All the designs and toolpaths were generated in ArtCAM ( and are generated with a Generic Post Processor (non-Tool Changer) that generates standard G-Code for the Routers. The model files, toolpaths and relevant instructions will be posted shortly.

For more information on the CNC Router range by Advanced Machinery, check out