The DIY Rotating Chair

The DIY Rotating Chair was inspired from online sources and then reverse engineered from photos, modified and adapted as a DIY Project by and Advanced Machinery (, for the benefit of anyone that has access to a CNC Wood Router and some basic metal working tools like an Angle-Grinder and a Welding Machine.

The Rotating Chair

The concept behind The DIY Rotating Chair is a combination of a chair and a table all in one.

Chair Table Combo

All of the wooden rotating chair sections are mounted onto a solid metal frame for strength.

Two Seater Chair

For more advanced or skilled workshop operators, the construction of The DIY Rotating Chair can be made wider or narrower simply by adding or lessening the overall length of the Central Support Bars and increasing or decreasing the overall number of Wooden Chair and Spacer sections, it would simply require adjusting the calculations to ensure the Support Bars and Wood Sections match up to the new length of the modifications made, make the chair a three seater, or perhaps reduce the chair to a single seater, its all up to the skill of the individual Maker.

Chair As Table

All the relevant CAD and CAM elements are being released freely by, this includes all images from during the build, all construction details, material requirements, assembly instructions as well as the Model Design Files and the Toolpaths to run the Wood Routers to cut the project.

All the toolpaths were generated in ArtCAM ( and are generated with a Generic Post Processor that generates standard G-Code for the Routers. The model files, toolpaths and relevant instructions will be posted shortly.

This will be the first of many DIY Projects that will be conceptualized, designed, built and released by and Advanced Machinery.

Keep watching our website for more exciting DIY Projects. For more visuals of the chair and the construction process please use this link: